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Customers should not be made to wait when they initiate a chat request.

Almost a fifth of customers rate long wait times as the most frustrating part of a live chat, according to our live chat statistics report. The only way to ensure this is by accepting the chat request as soon as you receive it.

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You won’t always have the solution for each query customers ask over chat.In these situations, it is better to take your time to research the solution so you can give the customer the right answer to their query.This workflow can be followed by any customer service representative handling live chats, representing any type of organization.Download a printable version of the workflow, or read on for the step-by-step guidelines to live chat.Are you looking to improve your customer handling time (CHT) on chat?

In this post, I’ll share a structured workflow which you and your team can follow when handling live chats.

Imagine if the customer on the chat is irate or needs help urgently.

It wouldn’t be a good start to the chat if they have already been on hold for too long. Once you have accepted the chat request, forget all your worries, tune out all your negative energy, stop the chatting with your colleagues and give the customer your complete attention.

If you are in a technical profession or a profession where you can check the solution by practicing in your system or a test environment then make it a habit to always follow this practice before giving the solution to the customer.

It helps you iron out any flaws in the solution and helps test whether this is what the customer needs.

Empathy is a must have skill for every customer support professional.