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Frasier inadvertently eavesdrops on Ronee making a date with another man.

Martin takes the news badly, accusing him of spying and inventing a fictitious girlfriend to spark Ronee's jealousy.

One of the more inspirational tracks of the past year, PJ sings the hook telling us: “no matter if your life is tattered and you can’t fix what went wrong/life goes on/your battered and your life is scattered, you’re a hook in your own theme song/life goes on.” Freestyle Fellowship’s Mikah 9 helps out on “Originalz,” a second Rhett production featuring some wonderfully obese horns. Still, this is a fun little album that has a few really good songs and PJ definitely wins some points just for trying things that no one else does; even if it doesn’t always work.

Another favorite is “Hello Everybody,” if anything just for its originality. The album isn’t without its faults, it starts to lose its edge as gets past song 10 and there are some songs that could have been left on the cutting room floor (“Sam The Goat”?!?

Niles tries to win the attention of a reclusive nursery painter.

Maris meets with Niles, seeking protection from her violent new boyfriend.

Cause if not I'm wasting her time And that's just not good [Bridge] And if I don't know what to say And I'm just standing there in a daze Please don't walk away so soon My lady, this, it might just bloom And if i don't know what to say And I'm still standing there in a daze Please don't walk away from me Cause I am trapped now set me free [Verse Three] I have to tell the truth Right now I have a girlfriend (uh oh) And she'll probably break up with me (oh oh) After hearing this song (it's like that) But what am I to do (I don't know) I gotta share what I'm feeling (share it boy) Cause if I can't tell the truth (tell the truth) Then there's something wrong So I still ask [Hook] What is love And am I in it?

With a namesake of a rat with wings, you have to assume that Pigeon John is not bringing your average perspective to hip-hop.Because of Daphne's mood swings, Niles tries to keep his meeting secret, which fails when the boyfriend shows up at a fake baby shower and punches Frasier.Frasier's first day back in private practice goes less smoothly than he hoped. The press goes wild when they find out that Niles inadvertently loaned her the crossbow that was used as the murder weapon.Niles slowly goes to pieces under the unrelenting media scrutiny and Daphne's anger.Lilith is in town for a psychiatric conference, and Frasier reluctantly assumes his obligation to meet with her.In a funk, he agrees to emcee the Sea Bea Awards and give an interview to a newspaper reporter, neither of which goes well.