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natatawang sabi ni Paolo na mas lalo pang umalingawngaw ang tawanan ng mga kaharap niya sa venue ng presscon.Should he be given a chance to choose a leading man for a future film, Paolo Ballesteros said it would be Piolo Pascual. But he prefers doing something with a dash of comedy, like the acclaimed “Die Beautiful,” which won for him the best actor trophy at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival. Eventually, he falls in love with the daughter (Yam) of the couple who saved him.

Wala raw siyang sinabi sa kanyang closest friends at maging sa mga kaibigan nilang dalawa about it.But after that ay nagbago na ang relasyon nila ng kaibigan niyang ‘yon and it was never the same again for the two of them.Ayon sa kanya, they kept their distance ng friend niya for most of the night until umalis ang sister nito at girlfriend doon sa party.The two of them got so drunk and ended up going home together.With this recent revelation ay maliwanag na KINUKUMPIRMA niya ang mga bulung-bulungan at haka-haka lang noon.

Now, we wonder kung anong magiging reaksyon ng nasabing GUY FRIEND na tinutukoy niya sa kanyang kuwento.The entertainment columnist stated that she was also shocked by the revelation from the singer/actor but definitely she will support his book for the reason that she is happy that he finally came out of the open.She also said that whatever the truth in the issue, Mark and Piolo should not be judged. Not that he’s closing his doors to doing heavy dramas. He’s then found on a nearby island by locals, unconscious and with no memory of his past—including his sexual orientation. ” Don’t expect Paolo to come out with his own tell-all book, though. “I would rather do a coffee-table book featuring my different makeup transformations.” While his last few movies were comedies that had him playing gay roles, Paolo isn’t too worried about getting stereotyped. If I portray a manly man but I’m not as effective, then there’s no use,” he pointed out. “Walang kaarte-arte.” In the movie, Paolo plays a gay man who falls off a cliff and into the sea while on a hiking trip. ” As for his love life, Paolo said he’s not dating anyone at the moment. “Although my friend and I didn’t do anything extreme, many people came up with their own stories and rendered judgment right away,” paglalahad ni Mark.