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Where to file: Complaint forms will be available from any counselor or administrator.Once completed, the principal or designee will handle all complaints.

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Principals of highly effective schools are well-respected leaders not afraid to serve their teachers and students.They lead by example but avoid intruding on their teachers' unique teaching methods.If you believe you are a victim of bullying, sexual harassment, or dating violence, report this information to a campus administrator or other adult immediately.All allegations are taken seriously and will be investigated immediately.They are fair in their disciplinary actions for both staff and students.

They are champions for due process and respect the rights of all human beings. They need to honor all aspects of their employment contract.Austin ISD Student Complaint Form for Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Dating Violence A counselor or administrator who receives a report of bullying, sexual harassment or dating violence will address the following issues with the student who was the target of the reported behaviors in a private meeting before assisting the student to complete the Complaint Form.The policy of Austin ISD is that all students be free from bullying and sexual harassment, including violence in students’ relationships.A principal's influence is far-reaching, as proven by a study published by the Wallace Foundation; it states that school leadership accounts for 25 percent of a school's success.For this reason, principals are held to high ethical standards and are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct.They listen to their students' ideas and set a cooperative tone.