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Each name space is independent from the others, this allows different connections belonging to different objects to have the same matching name.For example, AVC can create and manage all the widget-variable connections required by an application that needs to instantiate a number of object from a class that creates its own GUI or a part of a GUI and interacts with it by connecting some of its attributes to some widgets of its GUI (see "countdown" example).Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

Advanced widgets The advanced widgets can display data structures much more complex than normal widgets.

The list view widget can display a 2D table of data, the tree view widget can display a hierarchical tree of data.

Source: - current avc-0.11.0gz - all sources Packages: - Arch Linux - Debian - Ubuntu Quick start examples: - GTK2 spinbutton glade file GTK3 spinbutton glade file ui file - Qt spinbox ui file - Tk spinbox tcl file - wx Widgets spincontrol xrc file - Swing spinner All examples With this release starts the support for python 3. A new verbosity level allows the printout of the internal structures for a deeper debugging.

Now AVC is compatible with both python 2 and 3 with the widget toolkits that are enabled for python 3: GTK3, Qt4, Tk. This release adds widget toolkit version information to testing printout and changes the program version propagation from file to file, fixing a wrong version in testing printout.

Small changes in user api Now, AVC detects automatically the widget toolkit imported in the applcation, so the same import statement is used for AVC , this behaviour is incompatible with older AVC releases.

A new method ("avc_connect") is introduced to cope with multiple namespaces and dynamic connections.Dynamic connections Widget-variable connections can be created at any run time, in this way, AVC can connect widgets that are created later than application start up time.When the application deletes a widget that belongs to a connection, AVC automatically removes it from the connection and if the connection has no more widgets, the connection is also removed (see "countdown" example).Among some internal changes, the real to abstract widget mapping substituted the eval of widget string names with a dictionary of abstract widget classes keyed by real widget classes.To improve module safety, the check for executed avc_init in avc_connect was added.This release comes with a big code rewrite and a step up in internal complexity for the introduction of multiple matching namespaces and dynamic connections. Multiple matching namespaces Now, each python object (class instance) in the application program has its own matching namespace.