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I came to know this amazing soul in 2005 and since then – he’s consistently been one of the most Special thanks to Wil Whitney for blessing me with a super fancy pair of the Cole Haan Lunar Grands. The style of a dress shoe with the comfort of a sneaker! *VLAD On Friday night, I braved the weird misty weather that we were suffering in The City.My old Londonite friend, Grace Ladoja, was in town with the ladies of WAH NAILS who were celebrating their book release by shop founder Vashtie & Amaya (Easter 2012) It’s that time again when my amazing god-daughter, AMAYA, comes to visit for Easter.

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Her reps deny any intimate relationship though..now. Va$htie is a hustler’s hustler, an artist’s artist, and a Honey’s girl girl- all while staying fly from day to night. Like I’ve said, I hope they are in their country with that. Her and Pharrell were in a relationship for 5 years. She is well known in the NYC scene for throwing weekly parties called Open together with Q-Tip at party hotspot Santos Partyhouse. Look out for my clothing line LOLA&SPIKES by spring of 2010! I know most promoters send the same ish to every blog but that is a little suspect.Nicknamed “Downtowns Sweetheart” for her ties to what’s next coming out of the underground scene, in less than 5 years Va$htie has established herself as a style icon and leader amongst those consistently bringing a new flavor and funk to the industry. I hope none of these people that are shouting out being EAST, WEST, SOUTH or North Indian don’t live in the US. And for the one’s saying she isn’t black, as if it’s a BAD thing,why not??? The beauty of america is that there are a lot of different culture in the same country! She also throws 1992 parties together with her best friend Oscar. She is Indian and blk people........most AMERICAN blk folks. NEXT Trinigal: Well those “real designer” need to go back to the drawing board.. Necole has it in a quote and Tasha has it damn near word for word, like it was her statement.I would have posted these photos sooner, but my memory card has been playing me – losing photos and what not.I had to download a pricy program to recover these bad boys and You southern heifer. While you’re spending quality time with the fam-a-lam, shooting guns and drinking moonshine…Anyways…Me, ELLE, DJ HUGGY BEAR & YOUNG SCOOZLE Special thanks to LAURA for the hookup to a sold out show. Last nights show was SWIMMINGLY GOOD, as I immersed myself in an OCEAN of FRANK. I think we should have a new name for it since we’re not going to slaughter Native Americans or give out blankets of small pox. The event took place at the Bon Appetit Office PAPER MAGAZINE has been one of my go-to’s for everything cool for a while now. Either way, I think any girl would look gorgeous in one of [via BUZZFEED] “Lily is blind after needing to have her eyes removed because of an incurable disease.

Either way, it’s really a great day for over-eating with the people you love I got the invite from ? Their publication is a pillar to New York City, so I couldn’t have been more honored to DJ an event presented by them and TOURNEAU Personally, I think the dude on the right did his best in drag – but Miss Adrienne worked it!!! Since the surgery, her buddy Madison has been acting as Lily’s guide dog.

Last year, she came right in time for my birthday and I had a special day just hanging with her and I touched down in Los Angeles on Monday around midnight.

I would have some time to chill the next day before I would DJ that evening for Hurdler Jason Richardson’s Birthday Party, then I would head back to New York Thanks to Brick and Domo Genesis for always looking out for their fellow dirtbags.

Shortly after making our way in, we Many thanks to the people who love and support me in my blessed life.

It is quite simply, the best gift I could ever ask for.

Your uppity-yankee friends await your arrival so we may delve in some shenanigans and monkey business.