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WHITEvoid creates a mesmerising kinetic installation with KINETIC LIGHTS winch system for a second edition of 2047 Apologue stage performance directed by ZHANG Yimou and produced by L!

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The visitors gather beneath STALACTITE and become part of the installation.

The sequential, minimalist and progressive audio-visual journey that STALACTITE takes people on, runs continuously in a loop so each visitor can enter or exit at any time.

WHITEvoid designed and realised the 5 meters high light installation symbolising the digital fire as a highlight for Viessmann’s trade fair stand at Light Building in Frankfurt and Intersolar Europe in Munich.

The ever changing light sculpture is composed of 163 Pixel Line light fixtures and Driver PIXEL with more than 20.000 individually controllable pixels.

As long you make sure you're getting the right model of M-Series Quantum.

Unlike most TV makers, Vizio often includes TVs with significant variations in the same series.The weightless light balloons of ELECTRIC MOONS are moving precisely and effortlessly in the centre of the deemed church, synchronised with minimal music and surrounded by the mesmerised audience.For this project, the creative direction of WHITEvoid was wholly supported by the technical expertise and latest products of Kinetic Lights — a new advanced version of their helium-filled Balloon adjusted to a precise ground-based network of winches.But what about spending about the same on a color to the TCL, but the TCL won in other areas, in particular brightness.I'd still recommend the TCL to most buyers because of its superior smart TV system, but the Vizio is still an excellent choice.KINETIC LIGHTS provided the equipment, technical development and programming of this impressive light installation.