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Per the Leica Viewfinder, October 1973, 35 M4-MOTs were converted to data cameras with a MDa type data strip and the removal of their motor connection.Ed: Black M5's used the newly introduced Black Chrome finish instead of the previous black enamel, which would go on to become the standard black finish of later M's.

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Apparently a good number of these were sold to the US Navy.About half I have seen are former US Navy cameras, usually in beaten condition.Yet, the a motorized M2 was actually available five years earlier.The 1962 Camcraft N-5 Motor" made by Camcraft of Madison Wisconsin offered speeds to 3.6 frames per second at speeds from 1/50th to 1/1000th.sorted within each group by starting serial number in that group.

Rangefinderless M's are listed together at the end of the page.

The M5 was the first production camera to use Black chrome.

The second was the 110 format Kodak Instamatic 60 "Pro." Collectors have lamented the change ever since. Note: An unknown small number of MDa were factory motorized for the M4-M motor using an AC power source.

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A MOOLY like lever on the front on the camera connected the shutter release to the motor underneath the camera which was attached to a somewhat awkward vertical style handgrip.