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And to do that, he has to ponder some big questions. So the first line came immediately." The opening of The Muppet Movie features Kermit the Frog singing the song while sitting on a log in his swamp, completely surrounded by water. A large swamp set was created in a watertank on the studio backlot (the same tank that was used as the lagoon on Gilligan's Island A diving bell equipped with a rubber sleeve was submerged into the tank so that Henson could perform Kermit from inside.Kenny and I began to write this song -- the song addresses that inner voice that tells Kermit he can try to do these big things. Even though oxygen was being pumped in to Henson, and he was in continual contact with the surface via his headset, biographer Brian Jay Jones said it was "like being buried alive". The closing reprise of "Rainbow Connection" in The Muppet Movie featured a crowd of more than 250 Muppet characters—virtually every Muppet that had been created up to that point in time.

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When Williams and Ascher started work on the songs for The Muppet Movie, they had a discussion about a film they both loved, Walt Disney's adaptation of Pinocchio.

At the beginning of Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket sings "When You Wish Upon a Star," which the pair felt set the mood for the whole picture.

For her cameo on the show, she joined Kermit the Frog in singing his timeless feel-good ballad, “The Rainbow Connection.” The song became a huge hit in its own right following its inclusion in , which had been released just a year prior in 1979. with select shows still remaining throughout November. run are on sale now, and can be purchased by clicking here.

In addition to Harry revealing her obsession with rainbow songs, her and Kermit also give fans a wonderfully fun duet version of the cinema tune, and their optimistic message of unity between all lovers and dreamers seems as relevant now as it did nearly 40 years ago. The band spent much of the summer on the road, performing across North America on a co-headlining tour with fellow rockers Garbage and Deap Vally.

He posted his breakout video, "Randy Rainbow is Dating Mel Gibson" in 2010.

It received more than 60,000 views in one week and has since surpassed 170,000 views.

At Jim Henson's Musical World by Paul Williams, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Scooter, Gonzo, Dr.

Teeth, Rowlf the Dog, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Zoot, Dr.

She was a combination of Joan Rivers, Elaine Stritch, Betty White, and Bea Arthur rolled into one".

After dropping out of community college in his early 20s, Rainbow moved to New York to pursue a theatrical career.

We get it, the world seems like it’s caught in a whirlwind of nonstop craziness and depressing news at the moment.