Ranbir kapoor dating sonam

Oh wait; by many I mean; 2-3 man in her entire life. Let me tell you; one is Ranbir Kapoor who dated her during their movie.

The reason for their break-up is not known, but it’s true that Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor were dating each other before making it big in Bollywood industry.

Sonam and Ranbir shared really great on-screen chemistry in Saawariya, but this on-screen chemistry has also translated into an off-screen romance.

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However the two became friends while assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his films.

This friendship then gradually grew in to a romance when they began shooting together for their film Saawariya.

This was all before she came into the Bollywood Industry.

So, it’s clear to say that Ranbir Kapoor came later in her life.

In fact Sonam often visits Ranbir's home and is quite comfortable with his mom Neetu Singh.

Ranbir's mom does admit that Sonam comes over to their place often; Neetu says "Yes. Ranbir and Sonam go out together often." Earlier Ranbir has been linked to Om Shanti Om female lead, Deepika Padukone, however rumours claim that their relation didn't work out as Ranbir's parents Rishi and Neetu were not too happy with the relationship.

It was only five days ago when we saw Ranbir and Alia step out for a dinner date, and this is the first time the couple officially made an appearance together.

In fact, Alia Bhatt was seen hanging out with Ranbir's sisters, Karisma and Kareena, taking selfies and pouting for videos.

Talking about the break-up; it seems that Sonam did the right thing without thinking anything.

After-all SELF-RESPECT is a must in a relationship.

Ranbir Kapoor may have smitten many female fans with his debut towel dance in Saawariya.