Reader dating

Your reader-lover will be happy to introduce you to Tennyson, Thoreau, Austen, and many other literary giants considered to be close friends. As the T-shirt says, “Readers Love to Get Between the Covers.” No elaboration needed. Readers are inspired by romantic, poignant language. Information that can enrich your relationship is readily available. Since singles are sometimes disappointed by the—shall we say—intellectual capacity of their dates, readers demonstrate how brainpower can enhance a romantic relationship.

This well-written, over-the-top musical by Erik Ransom stars Grindr (Bruno Rivera), an operatic siren who lures four gay archetypes as her aficionados: Devon (Justin Cavazos), the starry-eyed idealist; Tom (Ben Broughton), the experienced skeptic; Jack (Evan Wilhelm), the adventurous twink; and Don (director John Cardone), the in-the-closet daddy. Then come all over Grindr the Opera at Pride Films and Plays, a comedic skewering of the modern gay-dating scene.Through 7/28: Thu 8 PM, Fri-Sat 10 PM, Sun 8 PM, no performance Thu 7/4, Pride Arts Center, 4147 N. Their dating lives all intersect in funny and often destructive ways.Broadway, 866-811-4111,, -, students, seniors, and military (not valid Sat). The 90-minute show moves at a firm pace, utilizing every rhyme for male genitalia and sex acts while both celebrating the freedom offered by the dating app and lamenting its downsides.Before you decide to do anything, talk with your boyfriend.

Simply tell him what you've told us—without using an accusatory tone—and see what he has to say.However, I'd hold off on telling your man you did some reconnaissance work by visiting the actual site and poking around his profile page.No one likes to feel spied on, especially if it turns out that he simply forgot he even signed up for the dating site.Wherever you stand, you should know that an avid reader of books would make an exceptional romantic partner. After a busy week, an evening at home reading together is an antidote for hectic lives. But can you judge a potential love by his or her passion for reading books? When the time comes, your love may take you on a journey to some of these fascinating places.