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So, if you just ended something, or you just got broken up with, there are some times when a rebound relationship may work for you ... Okay, for some people this is not an ethical and/or attractive option.

Your ex may not even have a new lover, but is still perfectly content, which just makes you feel worse.6) You finally realize that your rebounding won't affect your ex.But no amount of comfort or shallow sex can take away the pain of the substantial relationship lost. There's a high risk of dishonesty on your part, whether you intend there to be or not. If you are trying to find a new relationship soon after you've broken apart from a serious one, you can easily fall into what is a rebound relationship.You see, in order to get into the relationship, you need to seem as if you're trying to move on, into a new life. But if you're really just trying to rebound, you're essentially just using the other person to make yourself feel good about yourself (and possibly just for cheap sex on top of that). You can hurt the other person very deeply with rebound dating.Are you seeking, or do think you're finding yourself in, a rebound relationship?

Rebound relationships are often sought, or fallen into, whether consciously or subconsciously, by those who have recently been hurt in some relationship now lost or dissolved.

Perhaps your friends help you decide this, and perhaps you go out with them, too.

But nothing works to cure you of your grief or despair.4) At last, unable to endure it any longer, you decide that your former lover must have some kind of mental problem to get rid of you ...

and, you must prove this, both to that ex lover and to yourself. You then proceed to make sure that your ex sees or otherwise finds out that you're with someone new.

It's all to no avail, however; your ex doesn't give a damn.

Just as with a situation where sex is all that it's about, you must be certain that your dating partner is totally clear about what's really going on.- You get together with another single person whom you loved before you got involved in the last relationship.