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The dolomitic carbonatite and ore bodies are quite similar to each other in different diagrams, indicating genetic connections.

In contrast, the calcitic carbonatites have lower Ce/La and Th/U than the other two types of carbonates, at the same Ce and Th contents, respectively. Mg values for the Bayan Obo ore bodies range from −0.671 ± 0.060‰ to 0.283 ± 0.073‰ (Supplementary Table S3, Fig.

3a, b), which is within the compositional range of the upper continental crust (−0.52 to 0.92‰, average −0.22‰)Mg values ranging from −0.195 ± 0.061‰ to −0.458 ± 0.073‰, which plot within the field of ore body values.

All these strongly indicate reaction of calcitic carbonatite with Fe-, Mg- and Si-enriched fluids that leached out REE and simultaneously added Fe and Mg to calcitic carbonatite.Consistent with their similar chemical compositions (Figs.Also read: one third of Le Band, Charisma drops his solo project with Mbithi We all have seen Timmy Tdat’s love life in the public eye but he was never this smitten the way he is with the ‘One Time’ hitmaker where he is almost every where Rosa Ree is being her tour and guide in the vast Nairobi city cruising around in her[Rosa Ree] red German machine, and we all know how hard it is for a woman to give out her car to anyone let alone her best friends if you don’t hold a special place in her heart.These two great artistes displays a powerful chemistry like never seen before in the music industry and all of it seems legit and they both got the chance to corroborate the Instagram rumours at MZazi Willy M.She confessed that Timmy Tdat slid in her DM and like they say, the rest is history.

photo credit: Instagram/timmytdat don’t forget to read: Aslay believes Masauti is the future of Kenyan music(video) With all the photo postings, video sharing on social media from both parties, it’s clear and evident that Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree are happy together enjoying each others’ company and we can only imagine and/or wait for the second leg of the interesting Instagram stories and photo sharing these two lovebirds will share when Timmy Tdat goes to Tanzania and meet up with the young, beautiful and talented rapper Rosa Ree who is on her way to becoming the best of the best female rapper the east African region has ever seen.Moreover, ankerite (Fe-rich dolomite) is a common REE-rich mineral in the Bayan Obo deposit. 6) show that its LREE contents range from 10 to more than 3000 times chondritic values.The REE patterns change dramatically from MREE-enriched in the centre to LREE-enriched near the rim (Fig. This is coupled with changes in the Fe content (Fig. Such a pattern can best be explained by hydrothermal metasomatism of carbonate by REE- and Fe-enriched fluids. Consistently, REE patterns also change systematically from the rim to the centre.The most efficient way to mix sedimentary H8 carbonate with components from the mantle and the continental crust is metasomatism.Additional evidence for metasomatism is provided by the hydrothermal origins of both ore and gangue minerals and lack of melt inclusions.Most of the calcitic dyke compositions plot about a mixing line (correlation coefficient −0.89) between the composition of the mantle (average δMg value.