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His heartbeat skipped ahead of itself as he knocked. That battle had cleared up any lingering doubt that Yuuri did indeed want Victor there in Hasetsu, and he continued to prove that every day by pushing himself harder than the last.

He also showed his dedication by practicing off-hours, being diligent with his cardio and strength-training routines, and minding his diet so that he would be in top physical condition when competitions started later this year.

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Victor is my favorite YOI character, and you’re about to find out why.This story is told from his POV and is meant to cover the earlier part of Season One.“Think more ‘princely’ and less ‘little piggy.’”But even with that helpful analogy (which Victor was rather proud of), Yuuri’s posture got even worse after the feedback was given.On his next attempt of the jump, he almost didn’t get the extra half rotation in and barely caught himself before he fell. Yuuri had performed this very same spread-eagle into a triple axel at the routine, and while it was true that it had been less than perfect at the exhibition, Yuuri was not improving.Victor wasn’t even convinced anymore that this was was what sometimes frustrated him—that he wasn’t allowed to get close enough to understand the situation in order to better help Yuuri overcome it.

Though they’d lived under the same roof for weeks now, Yuuri was still a mystery to him. He was also a walking contradiction, being surprisingly stubborn for someone who claimed to have no confidence.“.” Victor said the words a full three seconds before Yuuri tried the triple axel again.Victor was immediately transported to heaven, just from the smell alone. that was the best thing of all.“Itadakimasu,” Victor sang and took his time savoring the meal. Victor had dined at Michelin-starred restaurants across the world, but nothing could compare to the love and years of slowly-refined talent he could taste in every bite. The whole family had been awake and working since dawn, but Yuuri would remain in his room until the sun was high in the sky. ”But even with Makkachin’s help, which came in the form of an imploring bark and a snuffle at the crack of the door, Yuuri did not respond to Victor’s invitation. It wasn’t the first time he’d knocked at this door with the offer of friendship on his lips, only to walk away disappointed soon thereafter.“I guess I’ll see you later at practice, then?But the feeling of warmth he got in his belly from having this beautiful, kind mother serve him breakfast . It was then, holding that warm bowl in his hand, that he decided he was wrong about the morning sky being his favorite thing about Hasetsu. It seemed a shame that someone was still upstairs in his bed, missing this. He probably hadn’t even gone to bed until just a few hours ago. ” Victor said eventually, his heart sinking as his fingertips slid down the door.Even before he left the ice, it had been obvious from the positioning of his feet that he wouldn’t land the jump.Victor wasn’t surprised when Yuuri fell a moment later and slid to a graceless halt dangerously close to the barrier. ”The question came out a little harsher than he intended. It had become clear that he was just having a bad day—and who didn’t from time to time? Thankfully, Yuuri didn’t appear to be injured from the fall.Victor blurted out the question not long after that, no longer able to keep it inside himself. ” But Yuuri’s answer was not at all what he expected. It sparkled in his mind and puzzled him enough to keep him awake that night, pondering the irony while he was sitting alone in his bedroom with the smell of ocean salt and driftwood still clinging to his hair.