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Ancient art and archaeological remains have provided archaeologists and historians today with clues to how the ancients practiced their sexuality and their overall attitude toward sex.

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In the middle, a man and a woman are having sex, and on the left, a standing woman holds a young child on her shoulders. The precise idea behind producing these erotic scenes is unknown but there may well been a religious purpose. Attic ceramic kylix or drinking cup (490-480 BCE) depicting an erotic scene.

However, they absolutely reflect the private aspect of people’s lives during this period. Istanbul Archaeological Museums/ Ancient Orient Museum, Istanbul, Turkey. The male holds a sandal, often used as an instrument for stimulation in erotic games.

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Each woman had to perform this type of prostitution at least once in her life and it involved sitting outside the temple of Ishtar (Inanna) and agreeing to have sex with the person who chose her. This terracotta plaque dates back to the old Babylonian period.