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Mirka is possibly the only constant in Federer's journey from one milestone to another.Having quit her career because of an injury, she has supported her husband for the longest time, and this includes everything from scheduling, taking down notes from his interviews and sponsorship. He has always been appreciative of her efforts and places his family over anything else.Yes, we are talking about none other than the legendary tennis player, Roger Federer!

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They are parents to two set of twins and look as much in love as they did two decades ago.

Being the best tennis player on the planet is not easy, nor is being the wife of such a star, but these two make it look so, so effortless.

We have seen him getting overwhelmed, crying, laughing, jumping and loving.

Loving in the most flawed, human way there could be.

He has an older sibling, a sister, Diana, a mother of twins.

Roger Federer holds the citizenship of both the countries, Swiss and South Africa.He can go on playing, sets after sets, without making a single mistake.However, if perfection is the sole parameter for godliness, he is definitely a human.Roger Federer was born to a Swiss-German father, Robert and Afrikaner mother, Lynnette Federer.His date of birth is 8th August 1981, and his birthplace is Basel, Switzerland.It is just incredible that she’s willing to make all of that effort.