Ron and hermione dating

One hand still entwined with hers, he slid his other hand down to her waist and pulled her against him. And when he kissed her it was like the butterflies on her dress flew into her stomach.His hand was on her waist, she put her other hand that wasn't in Ron's, onto his shoulder and into his hair. "Don't distract me, Ronald." She scolded him but, she was still smiling, unable to keep a straight face.

Hermione had changed and she now wore a short, spring dress with flowers on it danced in the invisible wind.

She was stunning, every time Ron looked at her, he fell in love all over again. I was sitting by the lake reading, "The Secret Garden." She looked over at the lake.

There was a picnic basket on the blanket, there was a pitcher of lemonade floating with glasses full of ice in the air also.

There was no one around for miles, no one here to see the magic happening, total secrecy like Hermione promised.

She wore a white shirt with an open book on it and a denim jacket over it. Even though she didn't have a book in from of her or spitting out facts about the newest potion, she still looked like the girl that loved books and learning new things, that's what Rom fell in love with. He came to visit her at her parent house and they were sitting in the patio.

Hermione had light-brown skin and bushy brown hair that was never tamed and full of knots.

And Harry was dating Ron's little sister, Ginny. And it's has privacy so you can do magic." She added in a whisper. He loved how he made sure that he was also happy as well as her. They had Apparted to a place where Hermione first found out she had magic.

You can't expect me to go into the Muggle world and not use magic! "Oh, I promise you're gonna love the place I've chosen for our date.

She looked sad that he wasn't listening to her, that softened his heart. Going into the Muggle world one time wasn't going to hurt was it? We can go were you want to go." He said with fake exasperation but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hermione light up with happiness and that mad it worthwhile.

Hearing the plea and sadness in Hermione's voice, Ron turned towards her.

The trees had pixie lights strung on them, but not lights-lights, they were actual pixies!