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If that sounds like it has brought a lot of baggage over from i OS, that’s because it has.

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You can click on the icon to drill down into individual feeds, and you can send them off to Instapaper to read later, or share them via Twitter, or even tear off a feed or story and save it in its own window.

The app pulls from Google Reader (or course) but can also check Safari feeds (in older versions of OS X), Twitter and even your i Tunes podcast feeds, which can then be played back using the in-app media player.

The more usual use for RSS is for a client app (or web-service) to “visit” those pages for you by sucking in the RSS feed (pretty much a list of new articles, sometimes containing their full text) and organizing them into grouped lists for you to browse all in one place.

Whenever I have seen anyone using Safari’s RSS feature, I have seen them visit a page and use it as a kind of “Instapaper” view to cut out ads and other distractions.

Your subscriptions (and their optional containing folders) are in the left column.

Click one to see a list of articles in the next column and – finally – see the article itself in a pane on the right.The site also boasts an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the i Phone, i Pod and Macintosh platforms.Frequency - about 42 posts per week RSS Feed - Follow RSS Site - About Site - Team at i More is dedicated to expanding users Apple universe with expert analysis, how-tos, and reviews for Mac, i Phone, i Pad, Apple Watch, and beyond.RSS Menu takes a different approach to feed reading.Instead of a big window containing all your news, it instead lives up in your Mac’s menubar and notifies you of updates via Growl.You can also send articles off to Instapaper, Evernote and pretty much any other place you can think of.