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Some accused Rui En of being unprofessional but her stance never wavered.As a result, it led to a few producers blacklisting her.According to her entertainment company, she drove off to park her car first before settling the issue but Mr Bahrombel believed that she was trying to escape, scot-free.

Rui En subsequently contacted the owner privately to settle the issue. This is the main reason why everyone should know who she is — Rui En has always been a crowd favourite.

Her 10 ‘Top Ten Most Popular Female Artiste’ trophies are evidently the fruits of her labour in the entertainment industry since 2005! When she was a teen and the only child in her family, she used to smoke and drink on social occasions — all to get the attention she craved from her parents.

In the past, she felt that the popularity and fame could fill the emptiness in her heart, possibly caused by the effects of having to live with a broken family.

This was one of the main reasons why she entered the entertainment industry — because she was hungry for fame.

Rui En also did modelling before the start of her university.

Rui En’s lack of expression on her face has brought about many misunderstandings — people either like her because they think she is cool or they despise her arrogance.

When her career took off, Rui En decided that she was done with doing kissing or intimate scenes when acting.

This limited the roles she could play — she once rejected a high-profile role in and Fann Wong took her place instead.

As Rui En got off her car, the first thing she asked Mr Bahrombel was: Unfortunately, Mr Bahrombel did not know who he was dealing with until a passer-by told him that Rui En was a celebrity.

To avoid such instances in future, here are 10 facts you should know about Singapore’s ice queen — just in case she asks the next time.

She said, “My mother is quite upset and has said to me, ‘Please don’t use us (Rui En’s parents) as an example’.