Russian singles dating world

It all makes it quite tough for Siberian women to meet Mr. Leaving your home behind, especially to a completely different culture isn’t easy.

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They blame globalization for the loss of traditional values.

Guys and girls alike are prone to saying stuff like: Casual remarks like these could get you fired in the US. Essentially, Siberian dating is like stepping back into the 50s.

Myth: Everyone’s Poor And An Alcoholic Yes, Russians love their vodka.

And yes, Siberia is not as well-developed as other parts of Russia.

Finally, yes, alcoholism and drug abuse are especially problematic in smaller towns and cities, where young people don’t have that many opportunities.

Fact: Siberian Economy Is Growing Siberia has always been an important industrial backbone for Russia’s economy.Irkutsk was an aircraft manufacturing hub during Soviet times.In Novosibirsk, they produced everything from agricultural machinery to nuclear fuel.If you come from a southern country, you might find Siberian winters a bit tough.They are, however, not any different from Scandinavian or even North Germany winters.Or, it would be, had it not been for the huge disparity in the number of men and women. It’s over 70% of Russia’s territory but less than half of the country’s population calls it home.