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Your older threads can be found here: Male Celeb Fakes pre 2009 archive Just to start off the new year with an unfamiliar face. I don't normally repost any of my fakes, but I have two that I am most proud of for 2010 so I am going to repost them for the start of the new year.My hope is that I will make fakes as good or better in 2011.This is the url for the 2010 thread: Quasar's first post to start this thread off he inserted links to the 3 archive threads.Just open each thread and click on thread tools, then choose search this thread.Their father, Harry Wilson, returns from Kansas to his childhood home of Beverly Hills with his family to care of for his mother, former television star Tabitha Wilson, who has a drinking problem.

Annie and Dixon struggle to adjust to their new lives while making new friends and adhering to their parents' wishes.Further guidelines and variations may be put in place during the course of the year, and these will be posted in this thread and added to the 'Stickies' at the top of this forum. I went from some of the saddest fakes on here to some pretty decent ones.Also, those of you with blogs, please remember that you need to link back to JUB as per the Signature Guidelines in the Code of Conduct. t=290984 I have yet to see a request for cutie Dan Benson who plays Justin's adorkable friend and Harper's new boyfriend Zeke. Below are the only pics I could find of him so far. Special thanks to Deb, Fabrizio, Webber, Gata and all the others who have encouraged me and helped me to improve my skills.The pilot was written by Gabe Sachs, Jeff Judah and Rob Thomas, and directed by Mark Piznarski.The episode, aired with "The Jet Set" in a two-hour premiere, averaged 4.9 million viewers on its original broadcast.The new 90210 turns out to be a solid sequel with plenty of shout-outs to fans of the old 90210.