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The romance proved to be a major career booster for Schneider as some of his songs got featured in a number of Bullock’s films.

However, their blissful working relationship couldn’t keep the flame burning for too long as the duo went their separate ways in 2001.

As she is Cuban, she is trying to teach their children Spanish, actor and Mendes’ 6-year relationship is at breaking point after having a fight following the Oscars.

He plays guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, and sings vocals for the indie rock band Dead Man's Bones.

His directorial debut Lost River, starring Iain De Caestecker and Christina Hendricks, was released in 2014.

But, after a few months, the couple reunited and separated again in 2008.

Actor, musician, writer and director who received Academy Award nominations for Best Actor for his roles in Half Nelson (2006) and La La Land (2016).

He has also starred in the films The Notebook, Drive, Blue Valentine, Lars and the Real Girl and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

He performed in an Elvis Presley tribute band as a child.

Initially alleged that the duo met through mutual friends, it has been confirmed that they first met when the Oscar winner hired Randall to cover the birthday party of her son Louis.

The couple moved in together in early 2016 and have continued to maintain a relatively low profile.

Sandra Bullock’s relationship with the actor lasted for roughly 2 years as it came to an abrupt end in 1999.

At the time she was based in Austin, Texas, Sandra Bullock had a 2-year relationship with Texas-based music artist Bob Schneider whom she met in 1999.

Sandra Bullock’s relationship with Tate eventually came to an end in 1994, leaving the actress highly distraught., Sandra Bullock and Hollywood heartthrob Matthew Mc Conaughey were linked to a romantic relationship.