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There are speculations as to whether or not the band is in hiatus, or just taking a short break from making music.

There is also a possibility that the band has broken up but there has been no confirmation.

He may also have gained a bit of income thanks to his association with Sandra who has a net worth estimated to be over million.

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He also mentioned in an interview that he is more than just a drummer or a percussionist, seeing himself as one who is familiar with multiple instruments.He also performed with the art rock band called Candyrock Violence, however, the band did not have the same impact as The Hereafter, leading them to disband after a few years of performing.He’s been described as a pioneer in ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching), wherein classes are co-taught by a general education specialist and a special education specialist.He was recognized with the 2012 Blackboard Award for ‘his innovative use of adaptive technologies and helping students achieve what they never believed possible’ Andrew Adler is a married man and is the father of two children.She became the first Asian woman to host the Golden Globe Awards during the’ 76 ceremony held in 2019.

She had attained her US citizenship the year prior, and afterwards, she also became the third Asian American woman to host “Saturday Night Live”, joining the likes of Lucy Liu and Awkwafina.https:// ZTx FMh P9g/For his personal life, it is known that Andrew began his relationship with Sandra sometime in 2005, though it has not been confirmed.

She has mentioned how happy she is with their relationship, saying that it was a dream of hers to date a rock star, referencing Andrew.

Despite all their years together, he maintains a strong position on keeping details about himself and their relationship private.

He started learning how to play various percussion instruments, and this would lead him to become a member of the indie rock band called “The Hereafter”.

He primarily played the drums with the band and they started gaining popularity locally, performing in events in Salisbury, which eventually led the band to perform in several music festivals across the countries.

He is also known for wanting to blend unique variations of instruments and genres.