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Her current net worth is estimated to be $ 2 million.Sarah Sanguin Carter, 35 got happily married in mid-2015.

Her early TV career started with shows like Wolf Lake, Dark Angel and Undeclared.She was also cast in minor screen roles in Final Destination 2.After graduating from her high school, Sarah moved to Switzerland, where she studied fine arts at Neuchatel Junior College for a year and later attended Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto.Sarah's television career began when she made her appearance in Dark Angel, and later she appeared in After doing numerous hit movies, Sarah appeared on the small screens again, when she landed a role of Maggie in the series Falling Skies, a show about alien invasion which aired in June 2011.They might want to be safe from the rumors and controversies.

However, both of them has not given the full confirmation about their relationship. Drew and Sarah were in a relationship for almost a year.

Carera is an actress who was linkedwith Drew and was rumored to be married and living a peaceful life in Califonia.

But there is no such evidence about their marriage and also did not announce officially about it.

Sarah Carter was born on 30th October 1980, in Toronto and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

She joined Balmoral Hall School where she was a dancer and took part in school plays, including The Wizard Oz where she portrayed the role of Dorothy.

It was during shoot of one of these videos, she met her then future husband who showed up to help shoot one of Sanguin Drake videos – We went for it.