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This album was launched on 18th of September 2012 in United States.

His sixth album “Full Frequency” was set to hit the market on 18th of February 2014.

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He trained in commerce in order to pursue his career in hotel management. The single was a smash hit, leading to additional Jamaican hits such as “Nah Get No Bly (One More Try)”, “Hackle Mi”, “Infiltrate”, “Excite Me’ and “Deport Them’.Talking about his love life, very less has been known about Sean Paul. He has never opened his mouth regarding his girlfriends or love affairs. In 1999, he began to make inroads to audiences of American. In the same year, Sean scored a top 10 hit on the rap chart with “Hot Gal Today”.In 2006, he appeared in the television movie Wedding Wars.After taking a brief break from acting, Maher came back to TV in 2009 as a guest star in Lifetime Television's pilot episode of Drop Dead Diva, followed by 2010 guest appearances in the second season of The Mentalist (CBS), the first season of Human Target (FOX) and the second season of Warehouse 13 (on Syfy).In September 2014, Sean Paul was dropped by Atlantic Records officially.

Reportedly he has earned fortune of eleven million dollars throughout his career.

Sean Paul started scoring popular singles in Jamaica in the year 1996 and gradually attracted global attention thereafter, eventually branching into the pop mainstream in the year 2002 along with Dutty Rock.

Born in Kingston Jamaica on 8th of January 1973 to parents Frances and Garth as Sean Paul Henriques. From age 13 to 21, he played for the country’s polo water team. He attended the well known Wolmers High School for Boys; Belair School.

He appeared on Sean Paul Respect, Punk’d 106 Park, Making the Video and Sean’s music videos have been on aired in BET and MTV.

His followed up album “The Trinity” was launched on 27th of September 2005.

The first single of his fifth album “Tomahawk Technique” was launched on 19th of July 2011.