Sedating cats for airplane travel

The side effects of their various medications can make it difficult for you to justify slipping them something as simple as a Benadryl or a prescription from the veterinarian.

While it may be unfamiliar territory for your feline, it is a much smaller and quieter space than an airplane.There are fewer people and rarely any strangers to distract your cat while you are riding in your own vehicle.Start practicing well in advance of your flight with brief training sessions.Remember to praise your cat and give him or her lots of praise when these experiences are over!There are a lot of risks to giving your cat a sedative for travel, even if they are just temporary.

Instead, let’s take a closer look at whether you need to sedate your cat for travel on a plane or in a car.Traveling on a plane might seem like the most extreme option if you plan to take your kitty with you.It involves a lot of roaring sounds, extended hours without breaks, and lots of unfamiliar passengers.All of these factors can make plane travel overly stressful on your feline who happens to be along for the ride.Should I sedate my cat for travel on an airplane though?As a result, your cat should feel far more comfortable riding in the car than they will on a plane.