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I have a reasonably successful home based business. He was a tall boy, standing at least 6'3", a handsome young man right down to his big feet. "This isn't right," I thought to myself as I noticed Michael's eyes were almost awkwardly focused on the tops of my breasts and a fair amount of its cleavage. I felt myself getting turned on as he walked about my kitchen in his underwear.

I work at the breakfast bar between the kitchen and dinning room. There he stood dressed only in his boxers and t-shirt. I pulled my robe to ensure it was properly closed as I felt my nipples protruding through the thin material as I slowly became aroused. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he reached for the cereal box.

Slowly I pressed his red coloured wet head against the centre of my tongue as I deeply sucked his head.

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"I'm sorry I did not mean to startle you" he apologized. "We got in rather late last night so Josh let me crash here again. My parents and Dan's parents insisted that we get married. I never thought of myself as a sexy lady who could sweep men off their feet. Finally I gently kissed each of his nipples and sat down. I could barely imagine being able to take his whole penis and yet I desperately wanted to try.

I therefore did not have the pleasure of enjoy many lovers, except for Dan. I always just assumed men would be turned on by anything in a skirt. I looked at his face and I couldn't believe what I was about to do. With my free hand I felt his chest, especially those adorable nipples. After a few seconds regaining my senses, I got up and again approached Michael.

Another shot filled my mouth with the salty liquid silk that was his cum. I was wet with extremely excitement at having achieved my goal. I knew it would take him some time to recover, but it would be worth the wait. "Well, it's not over yet." I said as he helped me up by the hand. I'm putty in your hands." I could see a little life was already coming back into that monster organ of his.

I felt his dick begin to soften in my mouth, but I wasn't ready to give it up. "You've been a really good sport about doing what I wanted. He took me by the hand and walked me to the dining room table.

It's just the right height for my laptop and I can spread my paperwork out. There was slight fuzz on his face that gave him a slightly rugged look, his hair slightly disheveled. You need to get up right now and get some proper clothes on and he needs to go back to his room and get some pants on I thought to myself, but I just sat there gawking. Jenkins, and I was more than a little disappointed. " "Of course," I responded, "You don't have to ask. I tried to turn my attention to my work, but it was just impossible, so I tried to fake it, but he was awakening feelings I hadn't felt in years. I never dreamed that the other boys were doing it to though.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a voice behind me, "Good morning Mrs. "Michael" I shouted as I turned toward the familiar voice. Of course Michael had stayed over many times before and I'd often seen him in his shorts but somehow today was just different. I was just sixteen when I'd gotten pregnant with Josh. I'm flattered that you and the others thought I was hot. " I was glad to hear that the hours I spent in the gym was paying off. I could see his penis growing to the point of nearly popping out. His organ was much bigger than I expected, but a pleasant and indeed arousing site it was.

A loud ahhhhhhhhhhh came from his throat, at the same time his penis exploded and unearthed a deluge of teenage sperm into my mouth.

I tried to swallow it all, but I was not fast enough as the rate at which he was shooting was too much and I almost gagged.

To give him a better target, I lifted my legs and put my feet on the table. He pulled me right up, almost over the tables edge. "You just had sex with your son's best friend." The whole morning passed me in frames as I recalled how he fucked me.

Finally, he penetrated me with his tongue and I came within just a few seconds. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around him and locked my ankles, spreading my knees as far as I could. but Michael eased it in me just as I had eased it in my mouth, a little in, a little less out, a little more in, a little less out. I worried that everyone was eventually going to find out the truth, but it would be great to invite him over again.

I circled the head with my tongue like a lovely cherry lolly. He moved the chair at the end to the side and lifted me onto the tabletop, my legs dangling. , but before I do I'm going to have a little lunch." I thought, "Food?