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An all-encompassing look at everything great that Ireland has to over – Best of Ireland is your essential guide to this country…

The Hot Press Best Of Ireland is available now at all good newsagents for €3.95 or online.

Please make sure you are in a safe place and that you are using a secure device and Internet connection.

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Elsewhere, celebrities, TV stars and musicians like Jennifer Zamparelli, Cathy Jordan, Paul Ronan and Bressie are among those selecting their favourite attractions, sites, restaurants and pubs from throughout the country.

LIFESTYLE GUIDE Best Of Ireland 2019 is also a comprehensive lifestyle guide.

In our drinks feature this year, we take an in-depth look at the spirits revolution currently underway in Ireland.

As well as naming some of the best distilleries in the country, we hear from Lord Henry Mountcharles about how he founded the Slane Castle gigs nearly 40 years ago, and about the launch of the family’s delectable new tipple, Slane Irish Whiskey.

We also talk to famed author Lisa Mc Inerney about the Golden age that Irish writing is currently going through; Lankum’s Radie Peat walks us through the best folk/trad venues she’s encountered throughout Dublin and beyond; and Cormac Cashman, head honcho at Mother club nights, tells us about the LGBT scene in the capital and throughout the country.

On top of all that, we select a few of Ireland’s finest emerging musicians to tell us about the music scene in their home cities.So if you were trying to offend your Shorey mate, you would call him Chat, or if you saw something shit, ugly etc, you would call it chat.Chatting with Stuart Clark, the conversation ranged from working and writing in LA, to their phenomenal performance at the RDS back in June.They also discussed what might be in store for their eagerly awaited second album, and why they've established that their fans are the best in the world... ) to Lisa Mc Inerney, Best of Ireland features a host of stars who give us the definitive guide to every part of this country.– and their love for The Blue Light Pub in the Dublin Mountains.