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Expat living in Baja and Mexico More and more people are asking about relocating to Mexico these days. or Canada and tell people I live in Baja California Sur, Mexico I have people ask me why, where and how do I live as an expat. Lately this question has come up a lot more with the Americans and Canadians that are tired of living in the north with the higher costs of living and evidently a lower quality of life.To live as an expat in Mexico can be very rewarding and here is an article to help you see if Baja or Mainland Mexico is for you. I explain relocating to Baja or anywhere in Mexico is not for everybody but it has been a great home to me for more than 25 years.It is very important, especially if you do not speak and read Spanish to rely on someone you trust as well as use bilingual lawyers and professional translators to be sure you know what you are getting into.

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You can read a lot of the Baja site as well as many others and investigate what choices you have depending on the amenities you wish to have, the climate and type of work if necessary that is available.There are also many forums on the net where you may ask questions for people that live in the specific areas of Mexico you are interested in.So if you choose to live in an area like Ensenada, Rosarito, San Felipe, Mulegé, Loreto, La Paz or Los Cabos to name a few you can find a peaceful place to live with all the amenities you could want. and Canada many of the Baby Boomers are taking early retirements because many say to keep working and pay the taxes just isn’t worth it. Now not all the people wanting to move to Baja are ready to retire and they either may be able to work with the advantage of the Internet or they may be looking to work.(please go here to see a review of Baja California and Baja California Sur. They already have enough to retire if they can lower their costs of living and even better if they increase their quality of life. You can work as a foreigner and it has become easier over the years with foreigners being able to open their own businesses as sole proprietors and eliminating the need to create the Mexican Corporation to hire yourself.For those that are considering work in other areas many of the common jobs are in timeshare sales, real estate, hotel administration, chefs, massage therapist, musician, photographer, writer, computers, consultants, resort activities and many others.

There are some restrictions on where you cannot work such as a captain of a charter boat, commercial pilot, bartender, taxi driver but there is less protection of these jobs it seems every day.Yes, there is corruption in Mexico and while it has gotten better in most areas, it still exists and the process of suing someone in Mexico is difficult at best even for the Mexican citizen.All I can say to this, is the old sayings of do your homework and cross those “t’s” and dot the “i’s”.To your other side, the green and golden hills rise steep like castle walls as creeks trickle down through their hidden valleys. While this list is certainly not all-inclusive—no way can we put every single attraction of Highway 1 on a single list—but these 13 spots are among the best this iconic route has to offer.In geographic order, from the bottom of the Golden State to the top, here’s where to pull the car over.I originally moved to Baja and became an expat living in Mexico not because I had a problem with the U. I just liked the weather, the water sports like sailing, windsurfing, diving and surfing and the cheaper costs of living.