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In 2002, Carroll co-founded with her sister, Cande Carroll.On the site, women recommended their ex-boyfriends to each other. In 2004, she launched Catch27as a spoof of Facebook.In June 1994, she went to Indiana and investigated why four white farm kids were thrown out of school for dressing like black artists in "The Return of the White Negro".

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Instead, she described it as a "fight" because then she would not be considered as the "victim".Reflecting, she criticized her own thinking at the time that "I thought I won because I got out" as "stupid".He went on: "However, then I listened to her and couldn't help liking her. Users can also join the Advice Vixens, where advice is provided by other users."Top Campus Sex Columnists" features college advice columnists from across America.She became the first white woman to walk from Telefomin to Munbil in the former West Irian Jaya, and nearly died.

For Outside, Carroll wrote about (among other things) taking Fran Lebowitz camping and going down the Colorado with a group of "Women Who Run With No Clothes On". Jean's pieces for Outside have been included in various non-fiction collections such as The Best of Outside: The First 20 Years (Vintage Books, 1998), Out of the Noosphere: Adventure, Sports, Travel, and the Environment (Fireside, 1998) and Sand in My Bra: Funny Women Write from the Road (Traveler's Tales, 2003).Well, Actually You Can." The two friends Carroll had confided in was revealed when they and Carroll appeared on a podcast of the New York Times; they were writer Lisa Birnbach and news anchor Carol Martin.Carroll refused to say she was "raped", instead choosing to describe it thus: "My word is fight." In a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, she explained her decision not to call her assault a "rape", stating that due to the prevalence of women being subject to longstanding sexual violence, she did not want to label this single incident of "three minutes in this little dressing room" as rape.Further believing that "most people think of rape as being sexy" with rape "fantasies", Carroll declared: "I was not thrown on the ground and ravished ... To further our goals of educating Iowans and collaborating with partners across the state, the Iowa Women’s Foundation maintains an up-to-date database of agencies providing services for women and girls in the state.Bill Tonelli, her Esquire and Rolling Stone editor, has commented: "All of E. Which is: ‘What is this person like when he or she is in a room with E. ' She's institutionally incapable of being uninteresting." For Playboy (February 1988) at the height of the "Sensitive Man" era, E.