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However, later that night Amelia gets a phone call: Don is alive.

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Sam guesses that she too is a drifter with no one in her life, and Amelia vaguely confirms that she has recently lost someone, and guesses that Sam has, too. They'd just had sex for the first time, and she told him about her husband, Don Richardson.

Don died in Afghanistan, and afterwards she hadn't been able to endure everyone's pity, so she'd left her life and run.

She'd let him into her motel room and poured him whiskey, then asked if he wanted to talk about it.

He'd said yes and told her that she could talk to him about Don if she wanted.

She calls him creepy and accuses him of stalking her, and he explains he is working doing repairs for the motel.

He was unblocking her garbage disposal, which was full of lime rinds.

Tired of Sam coming and going in her life, Amelia proposes an ultimatum to Sam.

She says in two days time, herself and Sam must both decide if they want to spend their lives together or leave and never come back.

He asks her why she's living in a motel room, and she gets defensive and asks him to leave.

Later, Riot (at this point referred to by Sam simply as "Dog") runs into Amelia's room and jumps onto the sofa next to her.

I got a couple letters, some phone calls, and then a knock at the door. And everywhere I looked, all I could see was judgment and pity and just this constant reminder of Don everywhere. and became even more of a hot mess than I already was. – Amelia Richardson, 8.06 Southern Comfort Current time: Sam is in a house in Kermit, Texas.