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Since he completed his residency in Internal Medicine in 2012, he has practiced in both Hawaii and Texas. He began studying at Bangalore Medical College at the age of 18.After receiving his medical degree, he pursued a Ph D in Basic Science from the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) in Fort Worth, Texas.He also obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health at UNTHSC.

The program must also provide meaningful opportunities for family involvement. You can select up to three locations to be registered at, including the center you are most interested in.

By registering, you are confirming your strong interest in all three centers.

He has the pleasure of working alongside his wife, Dr. It is my goal to ensure patients feel comfortable talking to me.

Aditi Sule, and they are blessed with two children. His hobbies include meditation, practicing yoga, working in the yard and cooking spicy chicken. I want to listen and help take care of a patient’s problem by including the latest up-to-date research and by using common sense. I would like to keep an open mind and consider different modalities to address health conditions.

Vinay Parameswara is dedicated to supporting your unique journey towards health and well-being.

Vinay practices an integrative approach to medicine, addressing body, mind and spirit.

While waiting for a space to become available at your first choice location, many families will choose to enroll at their 2nd or 3rd choice temporarily until space becomes available at the center they are most interested in.

8656-A Hwy 71 West Suite C, Austin TX 78735 Phone: 512-978-9820 Fax: 512-901-9772 Services: Family Medicine including children, Women's Health, & Maternity Care Ancillary Services including: Telepsychiatry, Behavioral Health, Clinical Pharmacist, & Laboratory Providers: Family Medicine: Christa Jones, RN, FNP-C, and Karen Welch, M.

In many centers, a child currently enrolled at a Bright Horizons location has priority over the general community so enrolling at another location will not only solve your care needs but will also give you additional priority in getting into your 1st preference.

Our goal is to accommodate families as soon as space allows.

Each patient should have a customized treatment plan that is tailored to improve their “individual” health.