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I suppose it's natural we should become good friends, and the five year gap between us didn't seem quite so wide. *** The phone was laying on my pillow, right next to my face, so when it buzzed, it woke me easily. I'll never forget her kiss of thanks..the cheek, but still so tender and memorable. I suppose that's pretty obvious, with the whole 'legal age' thing, but mine was more so.

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Soon, Fiona, my eldest sister, started to take on some of the same attributes, and that's when doors started getting closed around the house. It was nice while it lasted, even if I didn't really know what I was seeing. I went from just under five feet, and about 100 pounds, to just over six feet, and nearly 180. She had her life, of course, and several boyfriends, but I remained her one, constant, special friend. " I gasped, then wondered, "Why wouldn't I open this in front of anyone?

I think that's about the time Vonnie and I grew closer. Our conversations, almost every night, were those of best friends, not nephew and aunt. You've got a birthday kiss, and a big hug coming." Mmmmm, a Vonnie hug...

As Fiona blossomed into a beautiful carbon copy of Mom, complete with the red hair and blue eyes, Vonnie became a similar version of her own mother, my grandmother. I wasn't sure what 'on a date' meant yet, but it sounded important. Too many aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters and grandparents to pull that off, so the party would be a belated affair.

Her hair was a little darker, but the resemblance to both her mother and sister was obvious. women go through a lot of panties, and I noticed the aroma that all those soiled undies were producing. That didn't stop my friends from taking me out for a small gathering, however, and my sister Shelagh had a wrapped parcel for me when I got home.

She called it 'playing with my boy stuff', kind of a gentle reminder that we were different, even if she was my best female friend. " She wrapped me in a big hug, letting me know my apparent perversion wasn't going to chase her away. Just wanted to try my phone, and wanted you to be my first call." "That's so sweet, honey.

It always ended with a hug, just to let me know it was not meant maliciously. Vonnie was nearly eighteen, was dating other boys, and was still my best friend. She held me longer than usual, my head against her chest. A certain part of me was headed toward the other end of the scale, so I turned my hips, hoping she wouldn't notice. It might have been overheard gossip, or maybe she just figured I was the right age, and made the logical assumption. "Goodbye." Just before the line went dead, I thought I heard a voice ask "who was tha..." It wasn't a girl's voice. I mean, we may all have been named like we were still in the 19th century, but we were a thoroughly modern family, and knew what was what. if it had been my sisters doing it, I would have been mortified, but she made it a fun tease. " "Um, sure," I replied, "I guess I don't really have much to say anyway. I don't remember much about my father, as he died shortly after my second birthday. I'm actually glad I found out now that he's a jerk, before I got emotionally involved. I really liked the idea of being her boyfriend, even if I didn't know what it meant yet. Maybe the strain of trying to produce a male heir was too much, after so many girls. Thank you." I had no idea what to say next, so I said nothing, hoping she would save me. *** Things started changing around our house during the next year or so. There, between the layers of tissue paper, was a clear zip lock bag. It must have spurred my grandparents into action once more, and they had one more child, a girl, about a year after.