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The first is very identical to the send functionality.

When you open an existing mail, you will notice a new ribbon group, Outlook Gnu PG, with a Verify and Decrypt button.

The message will be decrypted, and the decrypted content will be placed in the message.

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Simply click Verify to check if a signed mail is valid or not. Likewise, click Decrypt to decrypt an encrypted email.

This will ask you for your private key to decrypt the message with.

Outlook Gnu PG is free, only supported by a donate button, so it's only fair to give the used resources some credits.

Silk Icon Set by Mark James Open PGP wrapper by Starksoft Clipboard Wrapper by Alessio Deiana Got questions? Feel free to leave a comment :) : Philippe Teuwen and Thierry Walrant have taken it upon themselves to improve the code I posted above and made it available on github, using GPLv3 as a license.

Today I switched to GPG for signing my mail and files, with all the required files running from my memory stick.

One thing bothered me however, no Outlook 2007 support at all.

There are some plugins around for older Outlook versions, but that didn't quite work out. And after a few weeks of development and testing, it's done and ready to be set free upon the world.

Let's have a look at the functionality and how to set it up and use it.

Controller: [Handle Error] [Output Cache(Location = Output Cache Location.

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You will have to select the intended recipients (multiple are possible) and it will encrypt the mail so only these people will be able to decrypt it.