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I used to have an all female band when I was young. I would say that I am a woman who's a bit complicated and shy but I know how to really love and be faithful. I have deep respect towards G-d's word and I study them regularly. I hate fake people and people who doesn't know how to respect themselves and others. *love music, can play at least one musical instrument.

” You Will Be given the choice of with whom you want your information may be shared. If a Question may seem to be intrusive – the reason is some people in Torah are forbidden to Marry others – so we will not introduce you to a person who may be forbidden to marry.We Wish You Lot’s of Hatzlacha and Siyata D’Shemaya in finding a mate and/or peace in your life.We intend to give the ability to edit and search the Database in the future.In the meantime, we will be the only ones that will be able to view the information.Hallal – A Child born from Father who is/was a Cohen & a Woman Forbidden to Him (ie, a Woman who was divorced from a previous husband, a woman who was promiscuous and/or had relations with a gentile) Notes – A Person Who is Jewish is One who was born from a Jewish Mother.

A Gentile can become Jewish – through a conversion to Judaism with a Reliable Orthodox Beit Din / Court of Law..I love music, I came from a family who's musically inclined. I like reading but I am very selective with the books that I read. I love watching movies and keeping my house tidy and clean... *A believer in G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I love singing and sometimes playing the guitar and drums. When Search Function will be in operation in Future, Even the search for a particular type of mate will be anonymous.You will be able to see potential mate’s id numbers.It is best to consult a Reliable Orthodox Rabbi – to determine your exact status according to Halacha / Jewish Law.