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In Alberta, most of the province's Sikhs live in either Calgary or Edmonton.

Although many are first or second generation immigrants, Sikhs have lived in Calgary since at least 1908.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the dedication to helping others at the heart of Sikh faith are also "fundamental to who we are as a country." Trudeau spoke today at one of the largest Sikh temples in the country, Vancouver's Ross Street Gurdwara, and was set to take part in a massive parade to mark the Sikh holy day of Vaisakhi.Attendees at the morning ceremony sat on the floor, many of them in colourful turbans, as speeches by several political leaders were broadcast on two massive screens.Unlike in India, Sikhs form the main religious group among South Asian immigrants in Canada.In India, Sikhs comprise 1.72% of the population, while Hindus make up the largest religious group at close to 79.8%.An older established Sikh community can be found in Malton, Mississauga as well, where Sikhs form nearly 25% of the population.

While Sikhs can be found living in all parts of Brampton, they form upwards of 35% of the population in the neighbourhoods of Churchville, Springdale and Castlemore.

Although Sikhs can be found in most towns and cities within the province - most are concentrated in the Lower Mainland.

In the city of Vancouver, Sikhs form over 30% of the population in the Sunset neighbourhood, with the traditional Punjabi Market being the epicenter of Vancouver's Sikh community.

Similar to New Westminster, the establishment of Abbotsford's Sikh community goes back generations to 1905.

Sikh communities are found in most cities and towns in Southern Ontario, while few are found living north of Barrie.

Virtually the entire Sikh population of Quebec is found in the Montreal area.