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I believe they stopped that "per K" when they realized they were giving away a service they could make a buck on. Make improvements and maybe you'll see more subscribed. Even at your highest setting it sounds like 60k canned shit. It's an awesome phone with incredible sound features including 3D.

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In fact, it just may be easier to repel a potential partner virtually than it is in person.

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The audio is substandard as compared to Deezer or You Tube. These were the usernames I used years ago when streaming was included.

I also noticed there was a sub without any username or password.

I went to the website and went to the chat function and got them to set me up immediately. I changed work locations and now my daily commute is much shorter. I did the same thing last year and I have select until December at that rate. I called to see about adding streaming and got the most unhelpful woman on the face of the planet. The article we read said ALL NEW SELECT subscribers will get the streaming service, that means if you sign up right now you should get it.

I was thinking about calling to see if I could get streaming added on for free or else I would threaten to cancel. If you're not sure/Don't believe then just wait until July 9th or when Sirius XM makes it public, but honestly the 12 months of Select is worth it even without the Streaming. The music sounds like compressed shit on my car deck.

I'd much rather have the sweet sweet max quality sound from the admittedly buggy-as-shit app and stream bluetooth I just received the "Automatic Subscription Renewal Notice" for the two Select packages that my wife and I receive every year, and every year I absolutely dread the phone call and haggle/threaten to cancel both cars, until we're finally offered a fair deal.

So, before I go about it this weekend, can anyone tell me what the lowest price is that they'll agree to, for the two Select packages?

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