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Back in New York, she invited some compatriots to the Soho House for a first feedback screening: leaders from the Ford Foundation and Equality Now, along with Leymah Gbowee, the Liberian Nobel Peace Prize winner.They watched the series’ wrenching premiere about rape as a tool of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Steinem speaking to the camera about the challenges facing women, but the bulk of the reporting is handled by young international correspondents, chosen by Vice, who straddle the line between journalist and activist, as Ms. They shot in eight countries; an episode in Pakistan, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, this year’s Oscar winner for documentary short, is still in progress. Steinem did not travel with them, but her expertise paved the way.

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(Even its nerdiest cable show is called “Balls Deep.”) And as the brand’s poster boy, Mr.Smith, a major onscreen presence in Vice’s separate HBO show, has reveled in a cussing, anti-authoritarian persona even as he became a vaunted, and wealthy, chief executive. Steinem knew of Vice’s “very masculine reputation,” as she put it.Steinem has other TV credits and talk show offers were dangled over the years, but they required too much time, she said, and she wasn’t keen on network oversight.“Vice feels much more able to move quickly,” she said.“Gloria brought a whole different level of credibility and access to women on the ground that we wouldn’t have had otherwise,” Ms.

Wengroff said, suggesting “where we could and couldn’t go, who she felt was credible and who she’s worked with, and who also is new that we could empower.”The host of the debut episode, Isobel Yeung, journeys along bumpy roads to meet a warlord, and is barred from an interview despite having arranged for access — a marker of authenticity in this documentary style.

Smith developed with the Vice News producer Iris Xu, Ms. From the crew up, it is the most heavily female-staffed program in Viceland’s lineup.

(The company also began Broadly, an online channel oriented toward women, in 2015.)Ms.

WASHINGTON — Gloria Steinem and Vice President Joseph R. were engrossed in conversation steps from his ceremonial office, where he was getting his makeup done. Steinem, already prepped, was here to interview him for “Woman,” her new Vice TV show.

She skipped past notes her producers had readied about their topic, “It’s on Us,” the White House’s pledge initiative against sexual assault, and led with her own question: What motivated him to take on this cause?

“The challenge is to know, and not despair, and figure out how to make it better a little bit at a time.”For Ms.