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In a time period of one week you'll have 5 individual coaching sessions with Dr Marcel de Roos, 50 minutes per session.

Finding meaning, purpose in your life, or just not feeling happy, or other personal issues can be quickly addressed in a professional way.

Furthermore I give individual Executive Coaching and Business Consultancy for (international) CEO's, higher management and entrepreneurs (confidential personal issues, leadership issues, career development, work stress, etc.). What is said in therapy is very private and it stays private.

For more information please read in the articles below.With extreme rare illnesses like bipolar depression (if correctly diagnosed!etc.) and with children (teenager counselling, study related problems, personal and social issues, etc.).PREMIUM EXECUTIVE PACKAGE, the "INTENSIVE": for clients who want to have quick answers in a short time a so called INTENSIVE has been developed.Corporate firms not only want qualified staff but they want them to perform adequately in their own work environment.

Besides interviewing them he devised a series of appropriate tests and let them perform tasks with the help of hired actors and colleague psychologists.Please inquire about the investment for Executive Coaching and Business Consultancy.- the United States Embassy in Colombo for visiting American citizens, for Embassy staff members and I conduct psychological assessments of US citizens on behalf of the U. Although I am not a big proponent of administering drugs for mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, in some cases it can be useful.Depression has everything to do with FEELING depressed.Psychologists on the other hand, have to undergo a stringent and extensive schooling regarding research (please read this article "here for typical differences between psychologists and psychiatrists).Not only plain statistics like multiple regression analysis but more about the art of how to set up proper research studies and how to read them. I work with adults (expat issues, marriage counselling, depression, anxiety, sexual problems, addictions, LGBT issues, trauma therapy, stress, personal development, giving meaning to your life, how to build self-esteem, choosing a profession and career advice, social issues, etc.