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So, if it refuses to detect your camera, chances are your device is not among the chosen ones.

The next step is to delete Skype entries from the Registry.The problem is, tweaking your Registry is like skating on thin ice: even a tiny mistake can cause irreparable damage to your system.Hurry up to work your way down: First and foremost, let’s start with this pearl of wisdom.Please do take it seriously – lots of webcam issues are reported to have been resolved by following this pretty straightforward piece of advice.So, take a closer look at your device: Check whether Skype can find your webcam now. Then move on to the following tip – this decision may prove momentous.

We know you can go to great lengths in order to recapture your precious webcam – especially if you have spent a small fortune on it.If you want to beat ‘My webcam has disappeared’ problem, deleting and reinstating the problematic camera may prove really helpful.Here is how to perform the trick: Can you see video from your webcam being displayed?If you cannot be seen while Skyping, check your webcam settings – this may save the day.Here is how to do that: ‘Skype not recognizing my camera’ can be just a preamble to a general webcam malfunction.Regrettably, Skype becomes too shy every now and then.