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If you're using an external camera, consider unplugging it and plugging it back in to make sure it's on and properly connected.

On a computer, you might want to try switching to a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi.

On a mobile phone, try switching to Wi-Fi from a cell connection or vice versa.

After testing your camera and verifying a video connection, you can use your webcam to call family and friends. You should see a live picture in the Webcam section if your camera is properly connected and working.

Select a different camera from the Webcam drop-down list if you have more than one camera connected to your computer.

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I got up and conceding Olu forward toward the end of the cabin. Make sure your camera isn't obstructed and that if it has a physical shutter, the shutter is open.Check your operating system's settings to make sure the camera is detected and that no error messages are displayed.If you still can't get an image, your camera or device may need repair.If you have an urgent call coming up, consider using another device or an external camera if you have one.If they're not, you can see if they're working in another program and troubleshoot before returning to Skype.