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The second event was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Penn Quater/Chinatown, and even though the location was much more convenient, the room the event was located in was too small which created a noise problem.

It was so loud that it made the whole conversing with other people thing difficult, which is the whole point of speed dating.

Something to consider: Yes, the fee helps the event organizer make a profit, but it's also a useful filter.

The biggest problem, though, was that there were too many people.

A lot of attendees, myself included, were pretty exhausted by the halfway point, and the event seemed more like an endurance competition than anything else.

They required a private room (since everyone moved from seat to seat and the host making announcements) and everyone had mayyyybe one drink and no food.

Seemed like the crowd that came in weren’t really drinkers and nobody wants to eat on a date.

Then on the basis of your experience with the opposite sex and the way they answer your questions, you make a decision of dating, or not dating that person for the second time.

The concept is really simple; it is based on ideas like, marriages are made in heaven and love at first sight.

Think about other ways to filter out the undesirables.

Also, if you try to get a bar to host the event for free, build some breaks into the schedule so participants have more chances to order drinks.

If the event is free, you will get more jerks, jokers, and others who don't take it seriously.

Their presence will discourage people who DO take the speed dating seriously.

We found it on their website schedule after looking it up)Maybe online dating seems trash because it’s free?