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This would allow you time to register with our hostess and settle in.If a person shows up past the start time, they may still participate in the dating lineup. For example, if an event starts at 7 pm and you’re not on time, you join in at pm.A lover of lists and deadlines, Anna Attkisson covers apps, social networking, tablets, chromebooks and accessories.

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And I’ll bet he likes to eat out of the trash and only showers once a month.

I imagine the person who proposed this question, and who is actively looking for a partner in life, feels that the answer here is yes.

To be fair, the last time I dated, Facebook hadn’t been invented, much less most of today’s social networking dating apps.

In my 20s, you met people — wait for it — in a bar.

I find it fairly scary there are people using a dating site to find a lover who showers once a month, eats garbage, likes tortured animals and finds the threat of nuclear war exciting.

These are just some of the answers to user-generated questions asked by OKCupid, a dating site and app with 5 million monthly users.

Each dater is given a date plate, and they hand that end to the host at the end of the night. The date plate is often referred to as a scorecard.

It is what you use to write down who you’re interested in ASAP, so you remember.

But I was still pretty shocked by some of OKCupid member’s queries. All of those are bad answers that make me want to smack my forehead and sigh. And, honestly, if I’m not wearing a dress or going on a date, I’ve never considered shaving my legs to be a necessity, much less an obligation.

Once you read some of the below gems, I think you’ll probably want to run screaming to your nearest bar, too. MORE: 10 Weirdest Social Networks Danger, Will Robinson.

I have to think that the person asking this question is looking for someone who answers “Yes, it would,” not “No, it wouldn’t.” And that, quite simply, is terrifying. Both options, I think most normal people would agree, are terrible.