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The real winner of the night was the lovely lady who came in with an open mind and open heart.

They give you a clear indication of what kind of value you project as a potential partner in a short conversation. It can let you know just how desirable you really are, versus how desirable you like to think you are. If they felt there was enough of a match to be assigned to go on one date in the future.

She said yes to over half of the men and ended up with 3 solid matches.

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Says the man that chose only 1 woman, but ended up with no matches and no missed matches either.Most people struggle at speed dating because of their refusal to be more open minded about whom they would have a first coffee date with.Stu’s pitch makes no more sense than Salvador’s paintings.The basics of the plan are that the Rays would play the first of the baseball season in St.Stu Sternberg, principal owner of the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League East, held a press conference Tuesday afternoon, ostensibly to clarify and sell his idea of splitting his team’s home games between a new ballpark somewhere in the Tampa Bay area and a new ball park in Montreal.

(New ballparks mostly paid for, if they ever happen, by you-know-whom.) This monstrosity of an idea was sprung on an unsuspecting Tampa Bay area last Thursday when it was announced that Major League Baseball had given the Rays thumbs up to “explore” this form of athletic polygamy.

Put these statements in a syllogism and the “therefore” you get is Sternberg is putting all his eggs in the two-city basket, an idea which has even fewer fans than show up at the Trop of a Tuesday night to watch the Rays play the Spokane Spiders.

The less-baseball-is-more plan Sternberg is relying on calls for both St.

Petersburg, and then finish the season playing in Montreal after the heat of subtropical Central Florida sets in.

Attendance in both cities would be higher — Sternberg asserts on the basis of no evidence — than it would be in one city.

If he had to sit outside for three hours — which most MLB games take these days — in Tampa or St.