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It cóuld look like the following: type TUn Zip = class(TThread) private FFile Name: String; FPassword: Ansi String; FSkip File: Boolean; procedure Do Password; procedure Zip Forge Password(Sender: TObject; File Name: string; var New Password: Ansi String; var Skip File: Boolean); protected procedure Execute; override; public property Pass Skip ... Execute; var Zip Forge: TZip Forge; begin Zip Forge := TZip Forge. The downside is that Synchronize only takes a parameterless method, so you have to do a little work for implementing the On Password event handler. Do Password; var S: String; begin if Pass Skip then FSkip File := True else if Input Query('Pass', FFile Name, S) then FPassword := Ansi String(S) else begin Pass Skip := True; FSkip File := True; Terminate; end; end; procedure TUn Zip. but then again, I don't know what goes into powering up the GPS and getting a usable signal.

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This is the oddball of them, it is more recent and there is less documentation on it.

I can't find a good description on how the "system monitors" the boundary crossing.

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10-minute start-updating or "n-minute updating": Description: This basically asks the app for more time, when that extra time is about to expire, it calls [self.location Manager start Updating], grabs the location and extends the background thread for 10 more minutes.

Pros: Questions: What effect does this have on the battery?

Does waking up the GPS and shutting it off hurt the battery more?

I couldn't imagine running a brief location check in the background would drain the battery that much...

It should not expect notifications more frequently than once every five minutes.

If the device is able to retrieve data from the network, the location manager is much more likely to deliver notifications in a timely manner.

I'll go through the pros and cons as I understand them right now start Monitoring For Significant Changes Description: Based off of wi-fi and cell tower changes the system wakes up the app.