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Read More Today's other news and sport Councillor Amy Wilson, Sunderland City Council 's Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: "The vast majority of our residents take a pride in their...popular names were Olivia and George, in County Durham and Gateshead it was Olivia and Jack, in North and South Tyneside it was Olivia and Harry, in Northumberland Olivia and Oliver, and in Sunderland...

Major housing plans in the Downhill area of Sunderland could be given the go-ahead next week.

On New Year's Eve, her mother who is a paediatric nurse, spotted her baby's condition had deteriorated and took her to the Sunderland Royal Hospital. Plans to open a "therapeutic school" in Sunderland have been given the go-ahead by planning bosses.

Lung issues meant Jess struggled with her breathing during sports and...Also being probed is a so-called 'wrong site surgery' at Sunderland Royal Hospital, in April, in which a patient had an operation on the wrong leg.Sunderland 1–1 Derby County / Norwich City 1–3 Sunderland / Bury 0–1 Sunderland / Carlisle United 1–2 Sunderland / Sheffield Wednesday 1–1 Sunderland / Sunderland 0–2 Leeds United / Barnsley 3–0 Sunderland Critical response to the series has been positive.Reviewing the series for Sports Illustrated, Luis Miguel Echegaray compared it to All or Nothing: Manchester City and wrote: "The project perfectly encapsulates the cultural significance of the city’s relationship with its proud, working-class supporters.The lots will be sold separately at auction and are up for grabs with guide...

To commemorate the anniversary, the exhibition NGC 21 celebrates Sunderland’s place in the international Studio Glass movement through a display of work by artists who have helped to forge Sunderland...30am-12pm Film Screening: Sunderland, The Way We Were, Sunderland Join a night of nostalgia, combining music, film and photographs of Sunderland over the years. A Sunderland firm converted a boiler into an air raid shelter in the early preparations for WWII (Image: Mirrorpix) The entire population had gas masks in case Hitler launched a poisonous gas attack...

As a result, Sunderland 'Til I Die, despite the club's plight, is a cut above the rest." Writing for The Independent, Alex Hess again drew comparisons to All or Nothing, suggesting that, unlike the "weirdly bland affair" which followed Manchester City's unrelenting success, the dismal failure of Sunderland's season made for "triumphant TV".

Writing a review for the Sunderland Echo (the local newspaper for the Sunderland area), Phil Smith expressed disappointment at the lack of anything revelatory or explosive in the series, and considered the setup of Sunderland as an area of post-industrial poverty a little forced in the opening episodes.

Sunderland had already been the focus of previous fly on the wall documentaries, including the 1998 Premier Passions (which also documented a relegation season) and its 1999 follow-up Premier Pressures.

Production company Fulwell 73 (who had previously produced the acclaimed football documentary The Class of '92) had allegedly expressed interest in buying Sunderland in June 2017 shortly before the commencement of filming, Promoting Sunderland 'til I Die on The Totally Football League Show in December 2018, Pearlman and Turner cast doubt on the veracity of these reports, suggesting there had been: "a lot of two plus two equals five going on".

The series does not include a repeat of the memorable, expletive-laden dressing room scenes from Premier Passions, as Coleman explained: "The only thing I really dug my heels in about was that I didn't want any filming in my dressing room.