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It’s the safari capital of Africa and government ensures safety of foreign tourists is a priority.

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In light of renewed terrorist activity in Africa as a whole, Tanzania cooperates with the United States and regional partners to drive counterterrorism initiatives.

The country has experienced a series of suspected terrorist attacks in recent years but they have been limited to the coastal region of Pwani, and mainly targeted police and party officials.

It remains a poor country with considerable challenges but, on the whole, Tanzania has the potential to become a macro-economic success story.

For nearly two decades, Tanzania’s economy has been remarkably stable and the country has experienced a favourable growth rate year-on-year.

Always consult with your travel agent and follow trending news on the political situation in Tanzania; adjust travel arrangements accordingly if there is a heightened risk of terrorist activity or civil unrest.

Otherwise, general crime such as petty theft, bag snatching and street muggings can easily be avoided by staying away from crime hot spots in the city centres, not travelling at night, staying in upmarket accommodation in safe tourism destinations in Tanzania and keeping your valuables safe and out of sight.Make sure your general vaccinations are up-to-date and get the travel vaccinations required before arriving in Tanzania.Lastly, speak to your doctor about taking anti-malaria tablets and pack enough mosquito repellent and sunscreen for the duration of your safari tour to Tanzania.You’ll be safe in Tanzania as long as you travel in the care of a reputable tour operator and take the usual precautions to stay out of harm’s way and avoid falling ill.Terrorism incidences are rare in Tanzania but terrorism is a concern throughout Africa.It’s recommended that if you need to cross over at the Tanzania/Rwanda border, that you arrange a police escort or private security company.