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Her interest in acting was ignited at a very young age, and she decided to pursue this career.

She started taking acting classes at the Cours Florent in Paris.

She has a very charming personality with a great body.

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In the year 1998, she was one of the contestants on the Jeunes Premiers, a competition to find budding actors.

Following this, she got her film debut in the year 1999, when she was cast for the role of Marie in the movie Venus Beauty Institute.

The character I played was very challenging for me. Were you surprised by the ending when you first read the script. It is magical and there is a lot of poetry in it as well.

I wanted to see how I would play someone in mourning and go through all the various emotions. It was important to the film for it to be almost a love postcard with the relationship with my first husband. Then to show that sometimes in life, true love can be hidden inside somebody you could never imagine falling in love with. I think anyone who has ever dated will be able to relate to the first couple of dates you have when your character starts dating again. While there is a satisfying ending, it still allows the audience to have there own ending as well.

She has also done several television movies which include Cceur de cible in 1996, La Verite est un vilain defaut as the telephone operator in 1997, Les Cordier, juge et flic as Lea in 1997, La Vieille Barriere as a girl in the district in 1998, Bebes boum as Elsa in 1998, Chaos technique as Lisa in 1998, Julie Lescaut as Tracy in 1998 and Le Boiteux as Blandine Piancet in 1999.

She has worked as a model for several big brands which include L’Oreal, Chanel and Montblanc.

Tautou started getting role offers in many national and international movie projects.

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She is currently single and there is no news of her being married or having a husband.

She was dating Benoit Poelvoorde, who is a Belgian actor and comedian in the year 2001.

She was also known to be dating actor-director Lance Mazmanian in the year 2004, but the couple broke up in 2006.