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However, the current incident involving Tanaka's arrest for the possession of illegal drugs doesn't appear to have had anything to do with Johnny's Entertainment.

Tanaka had been under suspicion from the police for some time.

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She attempted to remain inconspicuous by wearing sunglasses and a subtle hairstyle, and was seated separately.However, she was overheard happily discussing the movie with the staff in a VIP area, calling Tegoshi by his given name., I AM AGAINST INTRODUCING JOHNNY' S JIMUSHO TO THE PHILIPPINE PUBLIC, Shut your pie hole, nobody gives a crap, We Want NEWSh FAN To Continue Subbing, Dude...I watch all the CSI's, Ncis, and Criminal Minds.A member of the Japanese staff also stated that Tegoshi spoke warmly about his American girlfriend during recent promotional activities, and called her often.

When confronted outside the theater, she made no comment and drove away in a waiting airport limousine.

Yuya Tegoshi has: Played Sakasurakoji Jun in "My Boss, My Hero" in 2006. Performed in "Yamato nadeshiko shichihenge" in 2010.

Played Mirai Hasegawa in "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac" in 2010.

Masuda seemed more interested in the people inside the restaurant.

It's unclear as to whether one (or both) of them actually knew the hostess, possibly as a classmate of Tegoshi's or a former classmate of Masuda's, or if they just picked her up for some kind of "activity."SN wonders why they couldn't just pay for two hostesses.

The cast of Yamato nadeshiko shichihenge - 2010 includes: Adeyto as Marie Antoinette Tatsuomi Hamada as Ranmaru Morii Aki Hoshino Kazuya Kamenashi as Kyouhei Takano Ranko Kanbe Aya Ohmasa as Sunako Nakahara Ren Ohsugi Reiko Takashima Yuya Tegoshi Yuya Tegoshi as Toyama Yukinojo Hiroki Uchi Asahi Uchida I'm pretty sure he likes girl.