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But don’t worry, we will be telling you about a great resource to find Thai ladyboys for relationships soon.

This city has one of the biggest red light districts in the world so finding Pattaya ladyboy prostitutes will be easier than you could ever imagine.

Another commonality is that if there are transsexuals nearby they will also gravitate towards the red light districts.

The military guys come first, the female prostitutes come next, and then the Pattaya ladyboys follow them.

The best places to meet ladyboys in Pattaya are some of the best trans hot spots anywhere in the world.

However it must be mentioned that this is what is known as a ‘sexpat destination’ which means it is all about prostitution.

Ladyboy Go Go bars, street prostitutes, and erotic massage spas will be the meat of this post, and that is because they are what is most prevalent in this city.

Bangkok or Chiang Mai would be better cities if you wanted to try and date Thai ladyboys.Anyone who has visited here before knows you can get a happy ending or full service sex massage all over town.Of course most of the time these are done by females, but there are some trans massage therapists as well.Here the transsexuals will be standing out on the street smiling and waving at every guy who walks by.Some more areas with ladyboy street prostitutes in Pattaya will be by the beaches.The main red light area is Walking Street and you probably will want to find a hotel in this part of town.